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We have been processing our yarn into chunky weights and hope to put some on Etsy for sale soon.

Roving from our first shorn Gotland Sheep: Huck and Finn

Processed by our fiber mill in Western NC.  These are the shorter pieces that would work with felting projects.  It is a gorgeous light to medium gray.

Still in the tube; however, we will weigh and sort the fiber for you to use for your felting projects.  I invision lots of felted animals made from this product!  I hope you can use this and share your images for us to post!

Sport weight yarn (300 yards)

Our first shorn sheep yielded us 15 skeins of yarn that sold out within 48 hours!!

Gotland Yarn is most prized for its sheen and gorgeous unique gray color.  Gotland Sheep are part of an upbreeding program in the United States.  We shear our sheep in the Spring and Fall (twice a year) and will have yarn for sale after processing from our Western North Carolina Fiber Mill.  Typically this will be available in the summer and winter.  Check back summer 2017 to purchase!