The highs and lows of shepherding


This year has been one of ups and downs for this shepherding family.  

On March 25th we had twins with our AGSS Ewe Esme.  They were two healthy ram lambs.  Esme was a champion mom!  They have been super sweet since day one.  Esme was very protective of them and showed them the ropes.  Next on March 28th Zippy had a ram lamb and a ewe lamb.  They were so sweet!  However, Esme didn't particularly enjoy that someone else was getting any attention.  She didn't like the new lambs and tried to hurt them.  I had to separate the two ewes and their lambs.  

We had a very terrible storm on April 5th and Vivienne went into pregnancy toxemia.  We did everything we could.  The vet came out and on April 8th she went into early labor and the two lambs didn't make it.  For a few days we really didn't know if Vivienne was going to make it.  It was so tough to watch.  She finally got a break and things turned for the better.  

Lena joined in and lambed on April 12th and had a ewe and a ram lamb.  I went down to check her and put her in the lambing jug.  A short time after she had a third that was born dead.  She did a great job raising her two and we had to bury the third with Vivienne's lambs.  She loved her lambs and was happy to get back with her pal Zippy and her lambs.  

The next day Finn (our ram) was injured while shearing.  We have had a time trying to get him back on the road to recovery.  His patella was injured and subluxated.  As of right now we are not sure if he will be able to breed this fall.  His fleece has finally been gone through and is listed on our Etsy shop.  It is a super soft fleece with an amazing color.  His brother Huck has his fleece listed, too.  Soon we will have yarn and roving to list as well.

This adventure has been amazing to say the least.  I enjoy the sheep and their personalities as well as their amazing fleeces. I hope you enjoy following our flock on Instagram!